Specialization is the best word to identify the philosophy of our organization.
Specialization means high efficiency, specialized technology with advanced quality products and a complete dedication to our clients.
As a Peruvian company, founded in 1986, all our efforts have been focused on obtaining and manufacturing natural colors from raw materials coming from Peru.
Our country is the leader in the production and export of cochineal and annato, natural sources for carmine and annato respectively, in the world.
Supplying to our clients carmine and annato colors including all their different varieties is our specialization and we are proud of this because we consider ourselves to be the best in this field. Thanks to our leadership in the processing technology and our professional staff being trained and in touch with the most recent scientific and technological knowledge for new products development, we have become the first manufacturer in the world of natural red and orange color for the food industry.


Recently Pronex has obtained HACCP Certification issued by the SGS, demonstrating this way good sanitary and safe conditions in its four production plants.